Romano Venturelli has been actively present in the livestock & trading industry since 1976.

With the creation of Vierre s.r.l. in 1990 we've gained a wealth of knowledge & experience in several fields of trading & production. Naturally brokerage remains the main focus of our company.

Experience that Vierre s.r.l collaborates daily with both customers & suppliers all over the world.

Our constant presence at European markets allows us to give constant up to the minute information in 'real time' to our clients.

By using this website you will be able to find useful information for a better understanding of the services we offer at Vierre s.r.l including our products along with the guarantee of a solid society of brokerage.

Furthermore you'll find instruments of support for trading & production which we utilise with the assistance of an informative directional synergy with our offices in Modena & all over the world.

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Vierre s.r.l. - Meats and livestock brokers
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