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The Venturelli family has been present in the livestock and meat trade sector since 1976.

In 1990, with the establishment of the company VIERRE s.r.l., a cycle of experience gathered in various fields including trading, production and, of course, brokerage that remains the staple of the company has been consolidated. Experience which the VIERRE s.r.l. company with its collaborators makes available daily to customers and suppliers around the world. The constant presence on European and international markets allows us to provide information and assistance in real time to the users of our services.

Only thanks to all this is Vierre able to offer the perfect representation of the slaughterhouse for Italy. We work with Italy, Holland, Spain, France, Germany and with non-EEC countries.

On these pages you will find all the information you need for better knowledge of the services that are offered by VIERRE s.r.l., of the products that can be traded and the guarantees that a solid brokerage company is able to offer. In addition, support tools will be made available for the sales and production activities we address.  These tools will allow an information synergy between the Modena offices and the rest of the world.