60,000 tons per year sold Vierre s.r.l. Meat and Livestock Brokers

60,000 tons per year sold Vierre s.r.l. Meat and Livestock Brokers

Meat and Livestock Brokers

Since 1990 VIERRE s.r.l. has operated as a broker in the meat and livestock trade sector, representing the best European breeding and slaughtering industries.

Thanks to the shared experience with all its collaborators, VIERRE s.r.l. is able to always provide the best solution for the supplier, seeking out new markets, or for the customer interested in the proposal best suited to their needs.

Together with our customers, we develop new industrial projects, study new products, evaluate the entry into new markets and recommend production adaptations to create the perfect product for the target market.

We represent suppliers from all over Italy interested in exporting to Europe or to destinations outside Europe, we collaborate with slaughterhouses in Holland, Spain, Germany, France, Poland and Belgium who are interested in selling in Italy.

VIERRE s.r.l. is the perfect representation of the slaughterhouse for Italy.

Updated Bulletins

VIERRE s.r.l. constantly updates its customers with the lists of the CUN Single National Commissions of pigs, meats and fats.
The CUNs have the task of formulating, in a regulated and transparent manner, the market tendency and the relative indicative prices of agricultural, agri-food and fish products at national level that can be used by trade operators as a reference in the sale and purchase contracts entered into pursuant to current legislation.

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