Fresh and frozen pork

VIERRE s.r.l. is able to offer the main cuts of pork with origin: Italy, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland.

Main cuts:

  • Offals: Feet, Ears, Stomachs, Tongues, Livers, Kidney, Sternum bones, Tail bones , Tails, Neck bones, masks, diafragma, intestins, rectum.
  • Ribs: Spearibs, Riblets, Loinribs.
  • Legs: Bone in all cut and weight range, Bone less all cut and weight range, straight cut, hamburg cut, Redondo cut, sel sec cut, Danish cut, 6D, 4D, 3D, topsides, silversides, chumps, knuckle.
  • Carcasses: all selection and weight range.
  • Fore ends: Bone in fore end, bone in shoulders, bone less shoulders, 3D, 4D, bone in collars, bone less collars.
  • Loins: Bone in loins, Bone less loins chain on, Bone less loins chain less.
  • Bellies: Bone in rind on bellies, bone less bellies, bone less bellies rind less, all selection and weight range.
  • Other cuts: Trimmings all percentage, Jowls rind on , Jowl rind less, Back fat 3+ and 4+, back fat rind on, back fat rind less, rind, cutting fat, flare fat.